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Designed to change the way families approach their lunchtime routine, u*do*lunch encourages kids as young as six to take more responsibility for their diet.

“Children are capable — and actually enjoy — contributing to their families. Chick U Do’s mission is to improve family dynamics by providing well-designed, functional tools that encourage independence and empower children.

Starter pack includes 15 mains, 7 sides, 12 veggies, 11 fruits, and 5 sweets. Each laminated meal card includes 3 variations and space for customization.

Endless Combinations

With hundreds of opportunities to mix and match, u*do*lunch teaches the entire family the importance of meal planning, variety, and a balanced diet.

Fully Customizable

The u*do*lunch kit includes 5 blank cards and a dry erase marker. Kids can add their own twist to any meal card with the dry erase marker. 

u*do*lunch includes:
  • Fabric wall hanging organizer (with rope)
  • 50 laminated meal cards (including 1 blank card per category)
  • Name card* with instructions
  • Dry erase marker
  • Pockets for storage of all materials