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The Last Chance for Logan County [paperback] | Lamar Giles, Brooks

The Last Chance for Logan County [paperback] | Lamar Giles, Brooks

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In The Last Chance for Logan County, the third Legendary Alston Boys mystery from Edgar Award nominee Lamar Giles, Otto and Sheed team up with the Epic Ellisons against a corporation that wants Logan County's weirdness for itself!

Otto and Sheed are back in yet another legendary adventure that just might take all their deduction skills, and a little help, to solve.

With their journey through the last mirror on the left behind them, Otto and Sheed are ready for things to get back to normal. But their trip to that other dimension had side effects, and they come on quickly--starting with a thunderstorm that rains carnivorous frogs!

And that's only the beginning. When a suspicious company called GOO, obsessed with Logan County's weirdness, shows up and starts buying all the property in town--and threatening to take Sheed away from Otto--some of the adults start acting stranger than usual, almost... zombie-like?

With the help of Otto's mom, Sheed's dad, and the Epic Ellison twins, can the Legendary Alston Boys find a way to save their town and keep their family together?