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Storm: Dawn of a Goddess: Marvel | Tiffany D. Jackson

Storm: Dawn of a Goddess: Marvel | Tiffany D. Jackson

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Before she was the super hero Storm of Marvel's X-Men, she was Ororo of Cairo--a teenaged thief on the streets of Egypt, until her growing powers catch the eye of a villain who steals people's souls. An epic origin story that will blow you away, from the New York Times bestselling author of Monday's Not Coming.


The gorgeous first edition hardcover of Storm: Dawn of a Goddess will feature an electrifying dust jacket that glows in the dark!


"Tiffany D. Jackson has crafted the story of Storm that the world has been waiting for!" --Nicola Yoon, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Few can weather the storm.


As a thief on the streets of Cairo, Ororo Munroe is an expert at blending in--keeping her blue eyes low and her white hair beneath a scarf. Stealth is her specialty . . . especially since strange things happen when she loses control.


Lately, Ororo has been losing control more often, setting off sudden rainstorms and mysterious winds . . . and attracting dangerous attention. When she is forced to run from the Shadow King, a villain who steals people's souls, she has nowhere to turn to but herself. There is something inside her, calling her across Africa, and the hidden truth of her heritage is close enough to taste.


But as Ororo nears the secrets of her past, her powers grow stronger and the Shadow King veers closer and closer. Can she outrun the shadows that chase her? Or can she step into the spotlight and embrace the coming storm?


In her first speculative novel, New York Times bestselling author Tiffany D. Jackson casts a breathtaking spell with one of Marvel's most beloved characters, and brings the superhero Storm to life as you've never seen her before.


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