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My Sunday Best: Pearls of Wisdom, Wit, Grace, and Style | La Verne Ford Wimberly

My Sunday Best: Pearls of Wisdom, Wit, Grace, and Style | La Verne Ford Wimberly

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Her hats made us smile.

Her smile gave us hope.

"People from all over the world have said my Sunday selfies have blessed and inspired them. Who would have thought photos of an eighty-two-year-old church lady in a hat could do such a thing?"

Earlier in her life as an educator, Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly helped desegregate the Tulsa school system, served as a school superintendent, and had a high school library named after her. But it was her determination to stay positive and stay connected during the first year of the COVID pandemic that made Dr. Wimberly a household name around the world.

After posting selfies in her Sunday best for fifty-two consecutive weeks during one of the most difficult times in our country's history, Dr. Wimberly became a viral sensation--for her hats, her smile, and most of all, her joy.

As My Sunday Best beautifully shows, underneath Dr. Wimberly's stunning church finery is a wise, warm, and witty octogenarian who's still committed to the values she learned in childhood:

  • Faith in God and country
  • Devotion to family
  • A positive attitude
  • A life of service


My Sunday Best includes color photos of all Dr. Wimberly's famous selfies (no repeating outfits!), fascinating true stories from a woman who lived history and made history, words of wisdom, and prayers of devotion and gratitude. This gorgeous book offers a glimpse into the life and spirit of a woman who inspired a nation. As Dr. Wimberly reminds us, loving God, loving people, and having fun are the hallmarks of a life well lived.


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