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Lola Meets the Bees | Anna McQuinn (Author) + Rosalind Beardshaw (Illustrator)

Lola Meets the Bees | Anna McQuinn (Author) + Rosalind Beardshaw (Illustrator)

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In the latest Lola Reads book, Lola learns about urban beekeeping in this simple and charming introduction to the importance of bees.


Lola is buzzing with excitement! She is off to visit beekeeper Zora and meet her honeybees.


At Zora's, Lola goes up to the roof to see the hives. Lola wears a special suit so she can get up close. She sees the queen bee, the workers, and the baby bees. She even gets to taste the honey Zora's bees have made.


Now Lola wants to help bees, so she plants some seeds at home. In no time at all, many kinds of bees visit her little wild space!


Lola Meets the Bees is the 8th title in the much-loved Lola Reads series, as book-loving Lola continues to be curious about the world around her.


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