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Lol 101: A Kid's Guide to Writing Jokes | David Roth, Shah

Lol 101: A Kid's Guide to Writing Jokes | David Roth, Shah

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Want to write your own jokes? This book shows you how!


Packed with fun-filled illustrations, easy-to-follow exercises, and sample jokes, this humorous how-to joke book for kids proves that with a little elbow grease, anyone can write jokes that really make people LOL. Covering everything from surprise to wordplay to visual jokes―plus tips on how to perform a joke so it lands―LOL 101 is the approachable and (of course) funny guide for any kid ready to channel their inner comedian.


FUN-FILLED ACTIVITY: Never before has a book for kids so clearly distilled joke-writing into such simple--and fun--steps! This book will have kids excited to channel their creativity and silliness into clever jokes that will make friends and family LOL.


EASY TO READ: Highly visual and perfect for reluctant readers, this lighthearted guide makes it easy for any kid to start cooking up jokes right away.


TONS OF NEW JOKES: This book is packed with joke examples, giving young joke tellers plenty of new material even before they start crafting their own.


CONFIDENCE BUILDING: Telling jokes and spreading laughter helps kids make friends, build social skills, and have fun. Writing and telling their own jokes encourages kids to grow their confidence and stretch their creative muscles!


GREAT FOR LEARNING: This book naturally introduces subjects like wordplay, contrast, surprise, imagery, storytelling, hyperbole, and even speech and performance. This book is also the perfect classroom tool to get kids learning and laughing.


Perfect for:
  • Kids joke book fans and joke-loving children of all ages
  • Young writers and performers
  • Parents and gift-givers seeking activity books for kids who love humor, stand-up, and other comic arts
  • Teachers looking for unique ways to teach creative writing
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