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Joined at the Joints | Marissa Eller

Joined at the Joints | Marissa Eller

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When baking-obsessed Ivy meets a boy who shares her rare diagnosis, sparks fly outside of the kitchen for the first time in her life!


Chronically ill seventeen-year-old Ivy has stayed in watching the Food Network all summer--pies are better than people, and they don't trigger her social anxiety. So when her (also) chronically ill mom and sister cook up a plan to get Ivy out of the house and into a support group, Ivy doesn't expect to say more than a few words.


And she certainly doesn't expect Grant. Grant is CUTE: class-clown cute, perfectly-messy-hair cute, will-always-text-you-back cute. There's an instant connection between them. He has the same diagnosis as her--juvenille rheumatoid arthritis--and he actually understands Ivy's world.


But just because he understands Ivy's pain doesn't mean he can take it away. And she wishes he could--because it's getting worse. Ivy has always tried her best to appear pain-free, but between treatment plans, symptom management, and struggling with medical self-advocacy, being sick feels more and more difficult. Will Ivy's delicious new romance pan out? Can she keep up the façade, for him and for the world... or should she be brave and let it go?


Marissa Eller serves up a sweet, satisfying romcom that tackles the realities of chronic illness--and coming-of-age milestones from friend breakups to first kisses--with wry humor, tons of heart, and a huge helping of honesty. Nuanced, poignant, and deeply enjoyable, readers will fall for Eller's voice in this compelling debut that offers all the right ingredients.


"A sweet and affirming story that embraces the unpredictability of chronic illness."--Anna Sortino, award-winning author of Give Me a Sign and On the Bright Side


"Will make readers feel seen. A delightful, heartfelt read."--Lillie Lainoff, award-winning author of One for All


"The perfect recipe for an affirming and adorable debut."--Claire Forrest, award-winning author of Where You See Yourself


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