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Hello Goodbye Dog | Maria Gianferrari, Patrice Barton

Hello Goodbye Dog | Maria Gianferrari, Patrice Barton

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I laughed my way through this book!

Like most dogs, Moose loves "hello" and hates "goodbye." "Hello" is a ride in the car, a pat on the head, or a visit with her favorite people. "Goodbye" is a closed door and being alone. Moose loves "hello" most when it involves her favorite human, Zara. When Zara steers her wheelchair into her family's van, it means good-bye. Not for long. After all, one thing Moose loves almost as much as "hello" is being read to, and what better place to be read to than school? So Moose finds ways to get to school, much to the chagrin of the staff.

Themes: Pets, Friendship, Love.

About the Author

Maria Gianferrari is the author of several picture books, including Coyote Moon, published by Roaring Brook Press. For Maria, hello is sunshine after a snowstorm, the scent of cinnamon, and happy greetings from her beloved mutt, Becca. Maria lives in northern Virginia with Becca, her scientist husband and her artist daughter. 


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