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Epic Myths for Fearless Girls | Claudia Martin, Le

Epic Myths for Fearless Girls | Claudia Martin, Le

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This beautifully illustrated anthology brings together a thrilling collection of 15 myths from around the world with inspiring heroines at their center.

Young readers will delight in the mighty goddesses and courageous heroines that star in these epic myths, reinterpreted by master storyteller Claudia Martin and award-winning children's illustrator Khoa Le. Follow the adventures of spirited Sedna, who protects the animals of the ocean, selfless Tanis who saved her villiage from a terrible monster and brave Japlo who outwitted a water spirit.

This collection showcases narratives that celebrate strong, independent women from a range of cultures. They run free and possess the qualities we would hope for in our daughters and friends: self-confidence, strength, wits, courage, fearlessness, and independence. In reading these stories, young readers will become inspired to smash stereotypes, fight for what's right and unleash their own inner strength.

Myths include:
- Freyja's Necklace (Norse)
- Durga and the Buffalo Demon (India)
- Amaterasu and the Cave (Japan)
- Isis Discovers the Name of Ra (Egypt)
- Sedna of the Sea (Inuit)
- Pandora and the Jar (Greece)
- The Girl and the Windigo (Ojibwe, Native American)
- Pele Fights with her Sister (Hawai'i)
- The Trials of Étain (Ireland)


Featuring spectacular full-color illustrations and beautifully designed endpapers, this hardback makes a wonderful gift for children aged 7+.


ABOUT THE SERIES: Arcturus Publishing's Inspiring Heroines series retells classic children's stories, showcasing strong female protagonists who strike out against adversity and smash stereotypes. Featuring enchanting full-color illustrations by Khoa Le, these empowering tales will inspire young readers to dream big.