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Dory Fantasmagory: Can't Live Without You | Abby Hanlon

Dory Fantasmagory: Can't Live Without You | Abby Hanlon

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The wildly popular, ever hilarious Dory Fantasmagory series is back for a sixth adventure, with Dory turning separation anxiety into a ghostly, goofy escapade.



When Dory loses track of her mom in the hardware store, it leads to a touch of separation anxiety. Dory suspects her mom will soon sail off on a ship across the world to eat cake and play kickball and never return. These are big feelings, and Dory knows what to do: She throws a sheet over her head and haunts her family everywhere they go so they can't leave her, much to the annoyance of her brother and sister. Then Dory's longtime nemesis Mrs. Gobble Gracker reappears, wearing a wedding dress, and Dory's mom makes an announcement that leaves not just Dory reeling but her siblings too. Maybe a haunting is exactly what's needed to get this family back to normal.


In her sixth book, Dory delivers hoots and oopses on every page, entangling her friends--real and imaginary--in fabulous plots that sometimes take even Dory herself by delightful surprise.


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