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“Share your Story” A Kids Workshop w/ Young Authors Society
“Share your Story” A Kids Workshop w/ Young Authors Society

“Share your Story” A Kids Workshop w/ Young Authors Society

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Virtual Workshop, For Ages 10-12



The Young Authors Society (a division of Alex Gordon Radio) has a mission: to cultivate stories and tell them through the medium of sound.  The YAS is currently looking for new members to help us produce short story audiobooks. Potential members who would like to create, write, and tell stories complete with voiceovers, sound effects, and music are requested to apply.

Together, via an online video conference system, we will collect stories written by YAS members and produce them as short story audiobooks. This production will include (but is not limited to): 

  • casting roles for dialogue (if required)
  • recording said dialogue, editing and arranging those dialogue transcriptions into a cohesive story form using audio editing software
  • selecting and applying theme/background music (if required)
  • adding sound effects
  • finalizing all of these elements into a complete short story audiobook that may be shared on a social media platform for listeners to enjoy.

This is an 7 week class that will meet once a week online.  
SEPT 17, 24
OCT 1, 8, 16, 23, 30

Requirements include:  

  • a device with video capabilities that is compatible with Zoom Video Conferencing
  • one original completed story (at least one but more is great)
  • be a supportive and encouraging team member
  • have immediate access to laughter and smiles
  • possess huge chunks of imagination

We at the Young Authors Society thrill at the delight of good storytelling. We strive to honor young minds and we hope to help them bring their fertile ideas to life wherever we are able to. As our mission to celebrate creativity and whimsy calls us ever forward, we invite you to join us as we venture into the wonders of imagination.


Instructor: Alex Gordon