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Courage Out Loud: 25 Poems of Power (Poetry to Perform #3) | Joseph Coelho

Courage Out Loud: 25 Poems of Power (Poetry to Perform #3) | Joseph Coelho

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From Waterstones Children's Laureate Joseph Coelho come 25 more bold and brave poems for children. These waltzing verses for reading aloud were written to comfort and inspire!


With his third read-aloud poetry book, Coelho focuses on building kids' courage! It follows Poems Aloud and Smile Out Loud, books that have inspired thousands of little readers to harness the power of their own voice.


This new collection contains mantras to be true to yourself, to help you feel brave, project happiness, conjure a smilemake you laugh and cheer others up. Some are odes, some can be said as personal mantras and some are just poems that instill confidence and help children realize the power of their voices.


Reading these poems aloud will teach children the power of poetry, encouraging them to explore the magic of language and foster a love of verse. These rhymes perfectly complement school literature curriculums. Introduce your budding wordsmith to new verse and spark their imaginations with poems about boundaries, handling emotions and treasuring friendships.


This sparky anthology is peppered with witty and charming illustrations by Daniel Gray-Barnett to bring these powerful words to life in a way that's appealing to children.
A sweet way to empower your little one and have them harness their inner power. From a few lines to a couple of pages, there's a mix of long and short poems, making this book versatile and suitable for every situation.


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