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Treat Yourself Dice: You Deserve It! | Chronicle Books

Treat Yourself Dice: You Deserve It! | Chronicle Books

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Looking to do something nice for yourself? Simply roll the dice and reward yourself with a treat.


With six indulgences for the body, six treats for the mind, and six ways to shake things up, these dice offer 216 possible activity combinations! The accompanying booklet includes suggestions for a range of budgets and time frames, making it easy to customize your treat to what you need (whether it's a nap, a good book, a fancy meal, or an adventure). Whether you're a self-care novice or a seasoned pro, these dice will keep things fun and fresh. Go ahead and roll the dice--you deserve it!



  • 3 dice
  • 32-page booklet


SELF-CARE MADE EASY & FUN: With a range of budget-friendly and splurge-worthy options, these dice are a great tool for individuals looking for guilt-free ways to treat themselves. Just roll the dice and explore the ideas in the booklet. You can do this on a daily or weekly basis--whenever needed!


ENDLESS IDEAS: Three six-sided dice provide over 200 unique and inspiring ways to indulge yourself! Additionally, the 32-page booklet provides activity suggestions for a range of budgets and time frames, offering endlessly customizable treats.


EASY TO PLAY: Dice can be rolled individually or as a trio, depending on your mood and schedule. Roll the body die to determine a physical treat, the mind die to pick a mental treat, and the how-to die to decide how you'll do it--over-the-top or low-key, solo or social, old-school or new.


GRAB AND GO: In a cute, compact format, these dice are perfect for tossing into your bag, suitcase, or car. Treat yourself wherever you go!


UNIQUE GIFT: This set of dice makes a great little gift or self-purchase for anyone who deserves some pampering, is looking for new experiences, or seeking ways to add a bit of variety or spontaneity to their self-care routine.


DICE CATEGORIES INCLUDE: Treats for the body (Eat, Spa, Move, Make, Shop, Explore), treats for the mind (Read & Reflect, Rest & Recharge, Connect, Learn, Culture, Nature), and ways to shake things up (Solo, Social, Tried & True, New, Save, Splurge).



  • Self-care enthusiasts
  • Anyone seeking fun and new ways to treat themselves
  • Individuals seeking wellness, stress relief, and personal growth
  • Anyone devoted to the development and care of mind, body, and spirit
  • Fans of Self-Care Truth or Dare and Spark Wellness
  • Great stocking stuffer or hostess gift

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