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Star Wars: Lando's Luck | Justina Ireland, Wu

Star Wars: Lando's Luck | Justina Ireland, Wu

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New York Times best-selling author, Justina Ireland delivers an epic adventure starring Lando Calrissian and L3-37 onboard the Millennium Falcon!


When Lando Calrissian gets caught smuggling on the planet Hynestia, the queen agrees to let him go if he delivers something called the Solstice Globe to the Empire on her behalf. Lando is relieved that his punishment is a simple delivery mission-but he soon discovers things are not as simple as they seem. The queen's daughter, Princess Rinetta, has stowed away on the Millennium Falcon and demands Lando and L3-37 take the globe back to its home planet, which needs the globe to survive.


Now Lando has to choose: Do what's right, or do what's best for Lando. But if he's lucky enough, he just might be able to do both....

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