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One Million Insects | Isabel Thomas

One Million Insects | Isabel Thomas

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Get ready to meet the insects creeping, crawling, fluttering, scuttling, and hiding inside this beautifully illustrated book for kids.

Fun, inspiring, and well researched.Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Did you know that without insects, humankind could not survive? This illustrated, fact-filled title explores the huge variety of insects, with a focus on what makes an insect an insect, the differences between the groups, and why insects are the most important animal group on Earth.

Broken down into sections exploring each of the main types of insect, each section takes a different, playfully visual approach to really capture the character of the insects in the order being explored.

Includes practical advice for observing insects safely and ways to encourage insects into a garden no matter how small.

More than one million species of insect have been discovered, but they often go unnoticed. Discover the dung-lovers, pond-dwellers, silk-weavers, and tree-topplers that make life on Earth possible. These beautiful, bizarre, and brilliant insects are worth a closer look.

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