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The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Chemistry for Kids| Heinecke

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Chemistry for Kids| Heinecke

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Replicate a chemical reaction similar to one Marie Curie used to purify radioactive elements! Distill perfume using a method created in ancient Mesopotamia by a woman named Tapputi! Aspiring chemists will discover these and more amazing role models and memorable experiments in Chemistry for Kids, the debut book of The Kitchen Pantry Scientist series.

This engaging guide offers a series of snapshots of 25 scientists famous for their work with chemistry, from ancient history through today. Each lab tells the story of a scientist along with some background about the importance of their work, and a description of where it is still being used or reflected in today’s world. A step-by-step illustrated experiment paired with each story offers kids a hands-on opportunity for exploring concepts the scientists pursued, or are working on today. Experiments range from very simple projects using materials you probably already have on hand, to more complicated ones that may require a few inexpensive items you can purchase online. Just a few of the incredible people and scientific concepts you'll explore:

Galen b. 129 AD 
Make soap from soap base, oil and citrus peels.
Modern application: medical disinfectants

Joseph Priestly b. 1733
Carbonate a beverage using CO2 from yeast or baking soda and vinegar mixture.
Modern application: soda fountains

Alessandra Volta b. 1745
Make a battery using a series of lemons and use it to light a LED.
Modern application: car battery

Tu Youyou b. 1930
Extract compounds from plants.
Modern application: pharmaceuticals and cosmetics