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Amazing Americans: Thurgood Marshall | Kristin Kemp

Amazing Americans: Thurgood Marshall | Kristin Kemp

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Teach students about significant African Americans and how their actions have helped shape US history. With this biography, students will learn about Thurgood Marshall and how his fight for civil rights for African Americans helped change unfair laws. Colorful images, supporting text, a glossary, table of contents, and index all work together to help readers better understand the content and be fully engaged from cover to cover. This informative, colorful book uses primary sources to captivate readers as they learn social studies topics.

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  • Thurgood Marshall was an incredible man
  • He believed that "separate but equal" was not fair
  • He fought for people and their civil rights
  • He became a justice for the Supreme Court
  • Here he helped change unfair laws for African Americans
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