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100% That Boss Candle | YOUNG GENTRY

100% That Boss Candle | YOUNG GENTRY

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Light one up for the bad*** boss in your life.  Or just remind yourself to tackle your day like the boss you want to be.  Perhaps like a boss who takes a day off... we support you.

Scent notes: sparkling citrus + eucalyptus + sassy feedback

Hand-poured in Scarlett's home studio, these soy wax candles are our coping mechanism. 

Our team is pouring these to share our saltiness, sarcasm & gratitude with the world around us and now we're making them available to you.  

Enjoy, and as always, Young Gentry will provide a meal for every candle purchased through our 1 CANDLE = 1 MEAL program.  Thank you for being part of an economy of goodness.  

Comes in a 5 oz glass cube