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School Sip + Shops and Virtual Pop Ups

Plan to host a Brave + Kind Sip + Shop or VIRTUAL Book Fair for your school! Partner with Brave to celebrate diversity and build intentionally inclusive home and school libraries. Let's raise Brave + Kind humans. 

Send an email to hello@braveandkindbookshop.com with the subject "School Sip + Shop" for more info.

Brave School Sip + Shops --this year we have launched (in lieu of traditional book fairs) School Sip + Shops, As an opportunity to connect, build community and earn a percentage of the proceeds to donate to your school library. Meetup in the store for your event and sales from that day (and the whole week) online and in store count towards your credit. 

Additionally, the Imperial (restaurant next door) has agreed to partner for a dine out and so if you'd like to combine (head over to the imperial for dinner after bookshop) a percentage proceeds from school diners meals will go back to the school.

Let me know what you think. I'm excited to come up with a way to partner this year!

10% of the sales will go back to the school in the form of bookshop credit (this can be given to librarians, teacher gifts, future raffle items etc.).


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