Two bookstores, One Ultimate Reading Challenge


Join the 2023 Ultimate Reading Challenge presented by Brave + Kind and The Book Worm! 


Each month Brave + Kind and The Book Worm will announce the Reading Challenge prompts for that month. At the end of each month we'll host a live challenge meet up on IG Live to announce the prompts for the next month and chat about the books everyone's read and offer recommendations. 


Grab your Reading Challenge book each month from B+K or The Book Worm (or their online shops). You'll receive a 10% discount when purchasing your challenge books through our shops which will earn you a punch on your punch car. Complete 10 of the 25 prompts and you'll earn a Challenge Tote or Mug. 

With 25 prompts, 25 gifts, events all year long and two bookshops, the fun is limitless. 


To join: Purchase 2023 Ultimate Reading Challenge Book and Grab a punch card from our stores. 


You’ll Get: 10% on book purchases from Brave + Kind and 

Bookshop Goodies Each Month

Punch card to earn tote or mug

Small Gifts in your Challenge Book

Occasional Reader MeetUps 

Monthly Instagram Live Reading Challenge Club