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Toomer Elementary Digital Book Faire!


We are so happy you are here, and would love to help you find your kiddo's next favorite read, and build your library with us.

Below are some spotlight books to get you started,
but feel free to browse the entire Brave + Kind collection!

10% of all sales will go right back to Toomer Elementary

Ready to check out?
-Choose In-Store pick-up
-Include: Toomer Elementary, your student's name and teacher

Want to see books in person?
Come by the school to see a selection of titles and order them using the QR code!

Don't Forget! 
Invite your friends and family to participate! Just make sure they add Toomer in the comments from their order. All purchases support your fundraising (and library building) goals!




Orders will be dropped off at school approximately 2 weeks after the fair ends!