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Why We Fly [SIGNED] | Kimberly Jones + Gilly Segal

Why We Fly [SIGNED] | Kimberly Jones + Gilly Segal

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** publisher's suggested age : 14+ **

From the New York Times bestselling authors of I'm Not Dying with You Tonight comes a story about protest, friendship, and fallout when a cheerleading squad takes a knee at a high school football game.

Don't just stand on the sidelines.

With a rocky start to senior year, cheerleaders and lifelong best friends Eleanor and Chanel have a lot on their minds. Eleanor is still in physical therapy months after a serious concussion from a failed cheer stunt. Chanel starts making questionable decisions to deal with the mounting pressure of college applications. But they have each other's backs—just as always, until Eleanor's new relationship with star quarterback Three starts a rift between them.

Then, the cheer squad decides to take a knee at the season's first football game, and what seemed like a positive show of solidarity suddenly shines a national spotlight on the team—and becomes the reason for a larger fallout between the girls. As Eleanor and Chanel grapple with the weight of the consequences as well as their own problems, can the girls rely on the friendship they've always shared?


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