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When an Elephant Hears No | Dazzle Ng

When an Elephant Hears No | Dazzle Ng

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When an elephant hears NO, a tantrum may follow, and a steaming, stomping elephant blowing up is BIG trouble. But what every little one must understand is that NO can mean an enormity of things. It can be a PLEASE when Mommy's in the bathroom, or a surprised OH MY at a stupendous magic trick. NO holds enormous power to fight for a better world, or to ask firmly for some personal space.


Lively illustrations portray the many different instances at which a little elephant (or a little reader) might hear NO--and the BIG emotions that often precede and follow the word. Along the way, young readers will learn that no matter what NO an elephant faces, instead of answering with flaring ears and a steaming trunk, they may use another word: why?


A whole elephant's worth of fun, this romp of encounters with the trickiest of tiny words will stamp out NO's mysteries and trumpet its virtues. Young readers will delight in and relate to elephant's experiences, and adults will appreciate this exuberant roadmap of NO's many uses and meanings.


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