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Pokko + The Drum + Wooden Drum Gift Set

Pokko + The Drum + Wooden Drum Gift Set

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includes picture book plus drum with mallet.
Pokko and the Drum
Book by Matthew Forsythe
The biggest mistake Pokko’s parents ever made was giving her the drum. When Pokko takes the drum deep into the forest it is so quiet, so very quiet that Pokko decides to play. And before she knows it she is joined by a band of animals —first the raccoon, then the rabbit, then the wolf—and soon the entire forest is following her. Will Pokko hear her father’s voice when he calls her home?

Pokko and the Drum is a story about art, persistence, and a family of frogs living in a mushroom.

Drum is a bestseller from Plan Toys, and is a wonderful first rhythm instrument for ages 18+ months.

  • A fun way for children to explore rhythm and music-making.
  • Hitting different areas of the surface will create different sounds.
  • Playing with PlanToys Solid Drum will help develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, auditory skills, recognition skills and concentration. 
  • helps to develop children's spatial perception, fine motor skills and auditory skills. 

The drumstick has a rubber head to soften the sound. Tapping the drum produces a pleasant melodic note. Experiment and explore the different notes made by striking the drumhead in different places.

  • MATERIALS : Natural, sustainable rubber wood finished with non-toxic, water-based dyes
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