Story Theatre! |  Pre-K- 1st grade

Story Theatre! | Pre-K- 1st grade

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3:15p - 4:05p
Classes begin 8/30
There are no classes when school is out of session.
Follows Decatur City School schedule.
This Story Theater workshop is for kids who love to tell stories, wish to explore and make art with their imagination and perform! 
This workshop will teach students how to collaborate as a theater-ensemble to bring a story to life,
how to create a "world" for the audience and how to embrace the nerve and deep joy it takes to perform for an audience!
We will work as a team to write a play together and explore many aspects of theater-making. 
We will learn about how to build a character, how to tell as story as an ensemble and the magic of theater!
In addition we will explore the visual and sound elements essential to bringing a story to life through music, costume and set. 
The final week of the class will culminate in a stage performance at the bookshop!
Week 1: Introduction to Story Theater through theater games and imaginative play 
Week 2: Writing our play together
Week 3: Finalizing the script and introduction to acting
Week 4: Character and Transformation and the importance of Audience.
Week 5: The World of the Play (Costumes, Sound and Set).
Week 6: Ensemble Building
Week 7: The wonderful world of Rehearsal!
Week 8: It's the Day of the Show y'all!
Instructor: Lucy K. Smith
Lucy Kendrick Smith is a performer, writer and teacher. She holds an MFA from Columbia University and a BA from Bard College. She has been making plays for 2 decades! She has performed in New York City, Europe and all over the United States. She has taught playwriting, acting and poetry to students of all ages. She is a Decatur mom who lives with her four year old son and they are frequently found in the neighborhood walking and/or discovering the magical world we live in.
Currently she is writing a one-woman show about motherhood and bears.