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NEW Winter Class! Theatre Improv Club | Grades 3-5  SESSION I

NEW Winter Class! Theatre Improv Club | Grades 3-5 SESSION I

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8 Week Theatre Improv Club for Kids SESSION I 

Grades 3-5 

Mondays 3:45-4:45p

Classes begin Jan 29.

No classes when school is out of session.

Follows Decatur City Schools schedule.

Your story matters! 
Your voice matters! 
Your life matters!
Theater is life!

This after-school theater club is for kiddos who want to express their creativity through theater improv games, character study and storytelling.
Let's discover our own voices! 
Everyone will be given a notebook to record their thoughts through creative writing, note-taking and drawing. These notebooks can serve as a time capsule of this time in their lives and a way to help build an individual creativity practice.
Week one: Intro to improvisation through games and "writing our stories on our feet"
Week two: Presence both on stage and in life and in our journals
Week Three: Ensemble building
Week Four: Directing ourselves, directing each other through dramatic and comedic structure
Week Five: Dealing with nerves, control and creativity (ourselves and others)
Week Six: Character Monologues
Week Seven: Dialogue, Action and Transitions
Week Eight: pulling it all together and giving it away! (there will be a presentation)
Instructor: Lucy Kendrick Smith
Lucy Kendrick Smith is a performer, writer and teacher. She holds an MFA in Acting from Columbia University and a BA in Film and Dramas/Dance from Bard College. She has been making plays for 2 decades! She has performed in New York City, Europe and all over the United States. She has taught acting, playwriting and yoga to students of all ages. Currently she is writing a one-woman show about motherhood and bears. And she is happy to be back home in Atlanta!


Cancellation Policy

There is a $25 cancellation fee that you may apply to future classes.